Help Us Get Free Litter


Fresh Step cat litter has a program where you can help our shelter receive free cat litter. Sheltering Hands is a registered shelter in the Fresh Step “Paw Points” program. Now people can donate their Fresh Step cat litter “Paw Points” to help us get litter for our kitties.

There is a stamped code on the back of the “Paw Points” cut out on the boxes/bags of Fresh Step products. Go to and under the Paw Points drop down select the donate option. Select Sheltering Hands as the shelter to donate to and enter the code SHELTERBONUS1123. Look below for more information from Fresh Step.


Fresh Step is helping us in our effort to find every cat a forever home. In an ongoing effort, they donate litter and rewards to animal shelters and rescues like ours. Want to get involved (and maybe get a little something for yourself, too)?

It’s easy:
1.     Visit and join the Paw Points® Rewards program: Every code you enter adds to your rewards—and automatically means another contribution to our shelter.
2.     Use our unique code, and you’ll get 50 bonus points—and we will too: Just enter this code SHELTERBONUS1123, and we’ll both benefit. It’s a win-win situation.
For every 10,000 points, we receive, we get 23 boxes of free litter.

th-1Thank you for supporting us in our efforts.

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