A Delicious Fundraiser

Schwan’s Foods is partnering with Sheltering Hands  until November 21st to raise funds for our organization. Visit our special Sheltering Hands’ Schwan’s Cares page for details. Sheltering Hands will receive 20% cash back on hundreds of delicious Schwan’s food items and 40% on one E-Gift card! Remember, for us to get the credit, you need to start at our Schwan’s Care Sheltering Hands page.

The holidays are coming and this is a great way to stock up on favorites and help our cats at the same time. If you are a current Schwan’s customer, be sure to start at our special page for us to get the credit. There is no additional cost for you to participate and nothing you need to do! If you phone in your order, be sure to give them our number- 35109- so we will get the credit. Be sure to share with your friends on social media. There is no limit to how much we can earn, just a limit on how long the campaign runs.

Thanks for your support.     Unknown

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