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The Ocala Star Banner published a great article with pictures for our Grand Opening this coming Saturday, September 26th. We were delighted that the Banner chose to place the article on the front page of the A section. Thank you to Andy Fillmore for the great article and to Doug Engle for the wonderful pictures that accompanied it.  Click here for a link to the online article.

We look forward to sharing our new facility with everyone. Our friends at Tri-Am RVs will be here as well to help us celebrate our Grand Opening. Come on out for light refreshments, tours of the facility, neat items in our gift shop, and lots of information about the services we provide to Marion County cats and their families. Grand Opening hours are from 9-4. Our location is 10397 N. US Highway 27. We are about 9 miles west of I-75. Look for our sign on the right hand side of the road, next door to the BP Station. See you there.

One thought on “Ocala Star Banner Article

  1. Very nice article. And on the front page! Love it.
    Happy that my 4 kittens were mentioned.
    I wish that we could spread the word that TNR is so much more than neutering and returning. Most caretakers work very hard to feed, water, and keep a close eye out for any predators, ailments or out of ordinary behaviors. These devoted people really know their cats.
    One of the problems that we have are that people don’t realize, or agree with, that the cats must be cared for after TNR. They , sometimes, believe that cats can sustain themselves by their hunting skills alone.
    What some of us hear, too, is, “Stop feeding those cats and they’ll go away”. A myth ofcourse.
    So much more educating need to be done.
    Maybe some seminars could be done for the general public.
    In any case, Sheltering Hands has done exceptional work and educating in this county.

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