January 2014

We have just reached a fantastic milestone in our program! On December 15th, we spayed our 2000th cat! Our 2000th cat was a 2 year old female named “Liz Taylor”. This sweet girl had already delivered 11 kittens in 2013 and is a good example of why the TNR program is so important to helping control the stray cat population.

Liz Taylor before surgery



After being anesthetized, the day’s surgical team proudly take a photo op with Liz to celebrate the group’s accomplishments. It is because of the dedicated volunteers that this milestone has been possible.


After surgery- in recovery- “Liz Taylor” is now on her way to a healthier, NON-PRODUCTIVE lifestyle!


To help visualize the number of cats that have been spayed/neutered through the Sheltering Hands Community Cats Program, a chain was started from the beginning utilizing the links from the microchips placed in each cat at surgery.


Many of the volunteers associated with the Community Cats program gathered at our holiday luncheon to help display the TNR chain as it reaches the 2000th cat goal in December of 2013. This accomplishment would not have been possible without their dedication and time.



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