Grand Opening This Saturday, September 26th



The Grand Opening of Sheltering Hands new Headquarters and Surgical Center is this Saturday, September 26th from 9-4. Volunteers will introduce visitors and friends to our surgical center, adoption area and gift shop. This will be your chance to see the steps involved in our Community Cats program as you move from the receiving area to each stage of the procedure. In Coco’s House we will have a few adorable adoptable cats available, as well as a variety of gift items in our new gift shop. Interested in our Seniors for Seniors program, think you would like to volunteer, have questions about our Community Cats Program? We have information about all these programs and volunteers eager to answer any questions.  Light refreshments will be served. Sheltering Hands’ new location is on US Highway 27,  approximately 9 miles west of I-75.  We hope you will join us for this exciting event. Stop by anytime from 9-4. We look forward to meeting with you.



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