Easter Safety for Cats


With all the excitement around the Easter holiday, we know how busy your household can get. Cooking, decorating, and family get togethers are common activities at this time of year. To help your cat have a  safe and happy holiday, we would like to share some tips.

Easter lilies are TOXIC to your cat- all parts of them. Whole plants or cut flowers, both are potentially harmful. Your cats can even become ill if they brush against the plant and get pollen on themselves and, while grooming, ingest it. Lilies can damage your cat’s kidneys and even cause kidney failure. Just say NO to Easter lilies if you have cats. If you suspect your cat has come into contact with a lily, contact your veterinarian as soon as possible.

For a comprehensive listing of plants that are toxic to cat, please check out the list at the ASPCA.

Another Easter product to avoid is the artificial “grass” that people line baskets with or use for decoration. If a cat ingests even one string of “grass”it can necessitate surgery to remove it. Left untreated, this foreign, indigestible object can tangle in the intestines and prove fatal. A safer alternative ( and one that is more eco friendly) is paper grass.

We may love chocolate, but it is off limits to your cat. Be aware of where you put chocolate goodies as your cat may very well be tempted to try some. Again, if you suspect your cat has eaten chocolate, contact your veterinarian for advice.

Table scraps and bones can also present a problem. If nothing else, a sudden change in diet can create an upset stomach, accompanied by vomiting and diarrhea.

For a partial listing of foods to not feed your cat, check out this source.


For emergency treatment after hours and during holidays, PETS, a level III emergency pet clinic associated with the University of Florida Veterinary Hospital is in Ocala. Their number is 352-512-0886. Their address is 3200 SW 27th Ave, Ocala, Fl 34474. They are right down the road from the Paddock Mall. To save time and money, you can pre-register your pet. This will allow your pet to be seen more quickly and save you the registration fee. For more information, please visit their website.

Finally, with many people coming and going, cats can become frightened and bolt out the door. If you will be having company, it may be safer and less stressful for your cat for him or her to spend time in a bedroom or other area where they can avoid the crowds. If your cat does get out, please check out our information for finding lost cats. Please notice we have tips to do BEFORE your cat gets lost that will make finding them easier. We encourage you to check them out BEFORE you need them.

th-2Happy Easter to All

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